Every woman loves to be admired. That is why every day is stronger the influence of makeup as the main tool that seeks to highlight the beauty of women in all its aspects.

The makeup has a long history, which over time has undergone changes that have improved the results thereof through new techniques and components. In recent decades, the makeup has a leading roll by daily use of society and fashion which are in search of innovative and high quality that allows you to keep the trends.

NEW YORK CHIK is a brand with an innovative concept, offering a place where you can find all high quality products and a variety of colors, with personal attention to each and every one of our stores, makeup specialists and personal care, who are willing to meet the needs of our more exclusive clientele, helping to get results they seek out the beauty and impact.

Our products are hypoallergenic which guarantees its use in each of the different skin types including the most sensitive skins.

We are classified as professional makeup like few in the world, since in its development has a high concentration of pigment that makes them have greater coverage and endure in the face for much longer without losing its luster and original finish.

We have a range of over 500 colors in all our products in our brand Chik New York, which lets you find the right shade for your skin with high quality standards, which guarantees complete satisfaction of our customers.

NEW YORK CHIK comes with a new concept that lets you build through your makeup palette in shadow, blush, eyeliner, eyebrows as the colors that you favor or colors depending on the season. No purchase necessary and predefined palettes with colors, this new concept is widely accepted in different markets, to be innovative and offer alternatives to allowing consumers to have a personalized makeup that adapts to changing needs of the fashion.

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